Mastering Integrated Multi-Channel Fundraising for Public Radio

While once dominated by direct mail, fundraising has changed so much that we now know that multiple channels, integrated, create the deepest impact and best possible and greatest responses. This approach to fundraising offers your members many more options for how to respond to your message. These options generate more responses from your member’s individual-centric point of view.

And while the most successful non-profit fundraisers execute integrated multiple channel engagement plans, most are still charting the path and smoothing out the bumps. Adding to the traditional channels (mail, telemarketing, on-air) are the new (email, mobile, online, face to face/canvassing and peer to peer).

Every organization of any size can enjoy the benefits of an integrated, multi-channel fundraising program. It takes planning, testing, follow-through and measurement. You’ll still need to work hard, think smarter and practice discipline.

This course will cover all of the aspects of creating and managing an integrated, multiple channel plan.

And here’s the biggest result — once you have executed this solid program at your organization, you’ll also be positioned to greatly increase the number of sustainers and their revenue.

Who Should Attend
New and existing membership staff and leaders, content leaders, development leaders.

What You’ll Learn
In this 15-hour course, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your fundraising resources while creating a strong membership program foundation.

Topics in this course include:
Planning and strategy
Setting goals
Determining priorities
Staffing and resources
Data analysis
Organization-wide cooperation and collaboration
Maximizing on-air member drive response
Using channel experts (the benefits of outsourcing)

Contact Valerie Arganbright for information or to register.


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