Minimizing Sustainer Credit Card Losses Using Proven Stop-Loss Practices and EFT

In this one hour seminar, you will learn:

  • Practical steps to minimize loss of sustainers who use credit cards
  • Strategies and tactics for re-capturing sustainers who have lapsed
  • How EFT can fit into your sustainer retention strategy
  • Tactics to acquire sustainers with EFT
  • Tactics to convert credit card sustainers to EFT
  • How to comply with NACHA rules governing EFT authorization practices
  • How to use Appleby Arganbright’s sustainer value calculator to compare the value of credit card sustainers with EFT sustainers; and

Each attendee will receive examples, templates and tools to make it possible to achieve immediate reduction in sustainer losses.

Who Should Attend
Membership, Development Operations, Member/Audience Services, Finance

$199 per person
$100 for each additional person from the same organization

Contact Valerie Arganbright for information or to register.


Appleby Arganbright LLC
Saint Paul, MNĀ