Best Thinking

For your reading pleasure and professional development, Arganbright and Appleby recommend these documents.

1. Sustaining members are key to “monetizing” public media digital content. These super-users spend more time with public media content on more platforms than non-members and than members who are not sustainers. Learn more by reading the findings from the first-ever Public Radio Sustainer Study. 

2.    David Giovannoni conducted and published the research about public radio listening and giving: Audience 88 and Audience 98, as well as founding Audience Research Analysis and creating AudiGraphics  We strongly encourage you to visit Mr. Giovannoni’s own publication page, as well as the What We Know section of ARA’s website. Audience 98 remains the most comprehensive study of the connection between what comes out of the speaker and whether or not listeners contribute their financial support to help fund the service.

3.  “[P]ublic radio continues to thrive because it is the realization of a singular, enduring vision: a public service so important in listeners’ lives that they voluntarily contribute financial support.” Penned by master thinkers David Giovannoni and Leslie Peters Principled Pragmatism elucidates the connection between public service and public support. Whether that service is broadcast, podcast or streamed, public media’s financial future depends on continuing to provide a service that is truly important in audience members’ lives.

4.  President Lyndon Johnson’s remarks upon signing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. Here is an excerpt to pique your interest: “So I think we must consider new ways to build a great network for knowledge—not just a broadcast system, but one that employs every means of sending and storing information that the individual can use. Think of the lives that this would change….” Wait! Wait! It’s 1967. Is President Johnson talking about the Internet?